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Explore the Book: Insider SEO & PPC

You've invested in your website and ecommerce. Now it's time to bring qualified leads, prospects, and customers. The secret is to get your website to the top of the search engines.

With this book as your manual, you'll be an expert at building and managing your SEO and PPC campaigns.

Looking to Increase Your Sales?

  • How to Use Google to Get Sales and Leads
  • Maximize Your ROI
  • Learn with 26 real-life case studies
  • Interviews with top people at Google, Microsoft, Clicktracks Web Analytics, and others
  • Step-by-Step SEO Checklist so you don’t forget the essentials
  • 47 Insider Tips & Tricks that Work

The authors are co-founders of a Silicon Valley startup that is agency-certified by both Google and ClickTracks Analytics.

Insider SEO and PPC

Start Learning from Google-Certified Experts Today!

“Insider SEO & PPC is a quick read with a checklist style that hits the key points for search marketing success. It's loaded with short case studies that bring best practices in search engine marketing to life.” Mike Moran, co-author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by IBM Press.

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What Readers Say

“The icons are fun and the examples lighten up potentially dense and geeky material (koi vendors and such)and the sense of humor that runs through it. References to resources to help build the right kind of Web site are really valuable. I predict a bestseller!” -- Lea Terhune

“I just got Insider SEO and PPC. I recommend it highly. It includes stuff about the basics, as well as a bunch of case studies from actual SEM campaigns.” -- Vicki Winters

What's in the Book?

Use the navigation bar at left to explore the book. There are excerpts from the SEO chapter, the PPC chapter, and analytics. Read the Table of Contents, look at the book's index. Here's a list of the case studies and interviews.

Insider SEO & PPC by Andreas Ramos and Stephanie Cota, 2006, Jain Publishing, $30. 256 pages with illustrations, tables, glossary, and index. ISBN 0-87573-088-4.

Why Insider SEO & PPC?

Why did we write Insider SEO & PPC? Throughout the dotcom boom, we build ecommerce sites with shopping carts, databases, and so on for clients. In the early days of the web, just about any website got traffic, because there weren't that many websites. But within a few years, many companies came online and the game changed: now you had to bring visitors to the site. But not just any visitors: we wanted pre-qualified leads, namely, people who were likely to buy.

Basically, who cares if you have 16 million visitors per day? In the late 90s, one of us managed a Silicon Valley dotcom website that had 16 million visitors per day. It was based on banner advertising, and when banner CPM revenues dived in 2001, the website crashed along with all of the other dotcoms. Why? Because visitors don't matter.

What matters is the bottom line. Does a website make a profit? Namely, the cost-per-acquistion for a customer has to be lower than the lifetime value (LTV) of the customer. The resulting surplus is your profits. You measure profits by calculating the ROI. The goal is to optimize profits and ROI to get the greatest amount of profit on your investment.

One way to improve ROI is to tune the marketing. Why spend marketing money on people who just come to look? We began to develop ways to find the customers who were most likely to buy. By 2002, Google rolled out Adwords and we began using this for a few clients. By late 2003, we dropped webdev, shopping carts, and other services. We concentrated on SEO, PPC, and CRM. These three worked together with Google to find most-likely-to-buy customers.

This is what we do for our clients. We manage their online marketing to bring pre-qualified leads and prospects. We show clients how to modify the website to get the highest level of conversion. In marketing jargon, this is called lead gen (lead generation).

PPC is growing extremely fast (Google will have over $10 billion in revenues for 2006). Much of that comes out of traditional marketing's revenues. They are being evicerated by Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEM will become a major form of advertising and marketing, as large as TV, print, or radio.

Yet it's remarkable there is very little authoritative information about SEM. Most books are superficial how-to manuals. They don't place SEO and PPC in the framework of business. The only good book is Mike Moran and Bill Hunt's Search Engine Marketing, Inc. (IBM Press), which came out as we were finishing our book. Moran and Hunt also realize that the goal of SEO and PPC is profits and ROI.

We wrote our book so others could learn how to use SEO and PPC to grow their online business. We've built hundreds of ecommerce sites, we manage several dozen PPC campaigns, we've learned what works and what doesn't work. And we tell you. In an industry where everyone is secretive about results, we added 26 case studies of our clients: what we did and the results, so you can learn.

If you have questions about SEO and PPC, read the book. If you still have questions, ask us.

Andreas Ramos and Stephanie Cota

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