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Dear Readers,

We have a new book for 2009: Search Engine Marketing. Published by McGraw-Hill, our new book is so good that MBA schools are using it as a text book. They say it's the best book they can find on web marketing.

Visit our new book at

With warm regards,

Andreas Ramos
Stephanie Cota

Errors and Changes to Insider SEO

If you spot errors, please let us know.

  • p. 61 - NoSnippet Tag: The paragraph is incorrect. If you use the NoSnippet tag, Google show no DESCRIPTION at all. The only reason to use this is if Google (for whatever reason) is showing a DESCRIPTION that you don't like, so you can force it to be turned off.

  • p. 68-70 - PageRank: It would be great to have score that indicates a website's value. For several years, there was Google's PageRank Value (PRV) and Alexa's score. But SEOers were optimizing to get high PRV scores, so Google has obscured the number. The same with Alexa: it's easy to inflate an Alexa score. This means you can't trust Alexa scores. After relying on PRV for several years, we don't use it anymore. We don't put it in our reports to clients; we advise clients to turn off the feature from their Google bar. So, Google uses a score, but you don't know what it is, so ignore PageRank.

  • p. 101 - First paragraph, second sentence. It should read "There are three major PPC serices: Google Adwords, Microsoft adCenter, and Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture)."

  • p. 150 - Note at the top, second sentence: It should read "...until you get 700 events."" instead of "...until you get 700 around events so you can decide."

  • p. 156 - End of first paragraph: It should read " Koi-Magazine, but not"

  • p. 185 - First question: Urchin was renamed to Google Analytics. Visit

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