Friday, November 02, 2007

Adblock Plus blocks tools in Google Adwords

If Adblock Plus is installed as an add-on in Firefox, the Keyword Tool in Google Adwords becomes unfunctional. You enter a keyword and the "Get Keyword Ideas" button won't work.

The Site-Related Keywords tab in Google Adwords also stops working.

Why? One of the Adblock Plus filters is blocking the Google Adwords website. You can turn off that filter.

How to do this:
Open Tools | Adblock Plus.
In the Options tab, turn on "Show in Status Bar".
Open Google Adwords and go to the Keyword tool (or use
At the bottom of the browser, a small red icon appears with the lable ABP.
This is Adblock Plus. Red indicates that something is being blocked on the page.
Rightclick the ABP icon.
Select "Disable on this page only". This turns off Adblock for the page.
You can also select "Disable on" to allow any Adwords page to work.

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