Thursday, November 02, 2006

What's My Score? PageRank & Alexa Scores

It would be great if we had a score that indicates a website's value. For several years, there was Google's PageRank Value (PRV) and Alexa's score.

But these are worthless now. SEOers were becoming good at optimizing to get high PRV scores, so Google fudged the number. If you have a PRV-6, you don't know if that's really a PRV-2 or a PRV-8 or anything inbetween.

The same with Alexa scores. It's very easy to inflate a website's Alexa score. Hackers will do it for you. This means you can't trust Alexa scores.

After relying on PRV for several years (and writing about it in our book, p. 68-70), we don't use it anymore. We don't put it in our reports to clients; we advise clients to turn off the feature from their Google bar.

It's very regrettable that Google hid this number. There isn't a reliable indicator for the value of a website.

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